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Quite possibly the sorriest excuse for a tough neighborhood in the history of wigger towns. Everyone in West Roxbury, or "Westie" as it is called, is white, yet they seem to have an identity problem and believe themselves to be black. Westie kids often get crunk at "the field" with their homies. Often, these white people split up into groups which they call "gangs" such as Heavy Hitterz (HH), Mac 10, or Fruits & Vegetables (FNV). These gangs are nothing more than small groups of hoodlums who steal bikes from 8 year old girls and ride around in their mothers' minivans, while playing rap music at excessivley high volumes. They also tend to believe that they are complete bad asses, even while getting rides to hang outs in the same vans that their mothers once used to drive them to soccer practice every night. Many of these wiggers also seem to believe that they are the next Eminem, while in reality having no ability to rhyme.

Basically, West Roxbury is a perfectly safe neighborhood, and you have nothing to worry about while traveling through late at night. The worst that might happen if you're riding a bike is someone might ask you to please get off of your bicycle and let them get on. The wiggers might also ask you to buy them some beer.

Perhaps the only half decent person living there goes by the name Chigger G, but even he is a sorry excuse for a human being.
West Roxbury is the whitest and least tough neighborhood of Boston.
by Shabongadoo April 24, 2006
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A predominantly white irish section of boston, in 2004 the median household income was $54,860, West Roxbury generally has a lower crime rate than the rest of the city. Although in recent years there has been a spike in violence and drug related incidents. Still this is no reason to excuse West Roxbury as some sort of slum, it is a well maintained section of the city of Boston. A lot of city workers call West Roxbury home, as well as policemen, fire men, and small time local politicians. It is the greatest neighborhood in the world.
As soon as the kids from West Roxbury came by all the girls showed up at the party.
by Ayyyy October 14, 2006
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The greatest place on Earth. The place home to the most legendary citizens in the world. The place which holds the most infamous fields and best spots. The place where people from all around the world come to just chill at the field and smoke a nice blunt. The place where only the finest are aloud to drink a cold brew. The place that doesn't take shit from anyone. The place that is much tougher than other places such as dedham and southie. The place which holds the notorious fields such as Billings and Hynes Field. The place which holds Beercan which is said to be a pathway Christopher Columbas took on his journey once he reached America. The place that is neighborly to Roslindale, an equal place to West Roxbury. Roslindale is home to the most known field around Fallon Field. West Roxbury is the place to be. So if anybody wants it West Roxbury and Roslindale will sure fuck your shit up.
Joe:Where was the party at last night, there was nothing poppin in dedham.
Fred: You should of came to West Roxbury. There's shit popping there every night.

The infamous from West Roxbury were down at their field when the dedham kids rolled up. The dedham kids didn't leave their car and didn't do shit.
by westrox32 May 30, 2011
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West Roxbury is a small town located in Boston. The town is often confused with Roxbury, a shady, somewhat dangerous town. Regardless, teens often think that they are gangsta simply because they are apart of the FV, Fruits and Vegetables gang. Most kids attend either Catholic Memorial High School, or Mount Alvernia, both private catholic schools. You do not need to be afraid to walk by yourself at night here, because the "gangsters" are really just preppy kids who try to make their life more interesting by acting tough.
Person from Weston: Where are you from?
Westie chick: I'm from WEST Roxbury.
Person from Weston: OO!! Ever been in a drive by?
Westie Chick: No that ROXBURY, im from WEST Roxbury
by westiebabe86 October 09, 2007
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Rich part of Boston where the kids think they are 'gangsta' but are really all pussies. But some kids are cool.
white kids
Mike: Yo homie, lets go jack the White Hen around the corner.
Joe: Yeaaa son, let me just grab my AK47
by x HYDE PARK ` June 17, 2005
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kids from there are so intent on proving themselves that they get into fights every day and do random shit thinking that they are badass, when they are 14 and hangout on benches near a YMCA, and are tall skinny scrawny white kids with big hats. problem is they live so dirty, that they actually end up being kinda tough, and make westy a not-too-friendly neighborhood. i stomp them though
i was chillin in Dot with my boys,until some kids from west roxbury showed up. these private school kids went crazy and talked alot of shit, and wanted to fight, but they eventually got stomped out by my crew
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