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A high school located in Torrance, California. The mascot is the warrior. The school colors are shit brown and piss yellow. About 45% white, 45% asian and 10% other. Dudes here are either Surfer douchebags or wankstas who think they’re hot shit. If you're black, everyone wants to be your friend because they think you're a rapper or baller or just straight pimp. Lots of hot chicks here, but lots of them are slutty and wear revealing shit, basically asking to get fucked. If you don’t party, you’re not considered “cool”. Lotta stoners at West, but not as much as south or mira costa. Sports teams are the best in the Bay League overall. The coaches automatically are interested in you if you're black and ride your dick. The best players on the basketball and football teams are black, and they don't even live in Torrance. The white kids and few stud asians play football, baseball and volleyball. All the loser fobs run cross country for 2 years just to have it on they're transcript for college. Only the try-hard asians actually get into top universities. ASB is “Asian Student Body”…self explanatory. Economic backgrounds of the students vary. A lot of fob koreans live in apartments and they're not ballin financially. The white kids and asian-AMERICANS live in houses and most are ballin and spoiled upper middle class. The teachers at west make the classes too hard. The campus is a shithole…looks like it belongs in the ghetto. Overall, West is an OKAY school. It is what you make it.
Dude 1: Where do you go to school?
Dude 2: West High baby! Suck my dick!
Dude 1: Huh?
Dude 2: Yeah that's right bitch!
Dude 1: Uhh...whatever dude.
Dude 2: Yeah that's right bitch!
Dude 1: Whatever dude. Go wack off in the corner.
by tshirttime!!! October 04, 2010
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Person A: Dude there are so many Asians at west high!
Person B: Yea, they need more white people.
by XxAnal_LoverxX October 19, 2015
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