A high school located in the community of Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. The majority of the population of this school consists of egotistical grade nines with drinking problems, pregnant and/or strung-out grade tens, sex-addicted grade eleven stoners, and grade twelves who have superiority complexes and are going nowhere in life.

The majority of teachers in this school are, at best, too stupid for their positions.
yeah, he's probably from West Central High School.
by Leter June 15, 2011
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West Central High School. West central high school is located in Rocky Mountain House Alberta. The vast majority of grade nines in this school have hobbies of which include smoking pot, vaping, and trying other drugs. These students also enjoy physical activities but will most definitely lose at any mental activities which involve a brain of any sorts. Also many students seem to have little to no brain activity. They choose to skip class because they strongly believe that anything they learn at school they can learn at home. The students grow up with drugs and alcohol everywhere. They grow up with good for nothing bums and realize they have little to know chance of going anywhere in life, therefore they learn how to cope with drugs and alcohol. Doing drugs makes them feel less lonely in their sad world
“Dude your acting like a West Central kid”
“Dude did you hear about the dude who went to West Central High School?”
by BathBomb02 January 9, 2019
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West Central Emerson has an emission of tuna stench from the pootang (aka. coochie/poon) it smells like entering an aquarium that hasnt been cleaned since September 11, 2001. if possible stay at least 6 metres away from the pootang (this pussy like covid).
"it smells like tuna in here, i thought emerson went home hours ago"

"this shit is the west central high school tuna stench ong lmao"
by West Central Thoughts April 12, 2022
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