Its a twosome between us..
I've never forgotten that last time we've had sex together, we need to meet up for another wesome as soon as possible.
by Meeggz February 18, 2020
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A plural way of indicating a group of awesome people.
We are so wesome! / Those people over their aren't as wesome as we are.
by Mr. Starts Trends March 31, 2008
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A conjunction of the words "we" and "some", spoken in everyday Ebonic conversations by urban youth.
Wesome thug-ass wankstas, fo' shishizzel dizzle muh nizzle.
by Muwahahaha February 12, 2003
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a group of one male and three female persons who have semi-dirty conversations and possibly semi-dirty or REALLY dirty events. these people generally having names that begin with j,h,d or k
dude.. that wesome was sexy
by winnipegred July 4, 2011
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When something is so awesome that you loose control of your fingers on the keyboard and leave the "E" in Freakin' out, and add the "A" on awesome to the end of Freakin'.; Also a girl we know.
Manda: I got a new car
Michelle: Oh my gosh, thats frakina wesome.
Manda: Hey..I know her.
by Michelle April 11, 2005
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