A very kind and caring girl who has a very cute style and a love for animals. She is loving and down to earth. Very fun to be around and is always up for an adventure. Beautiful, smart, and independent. Loves to travel and is absolutley amazing, funny, and sexy. The cutest and sweetest girl ever! This is somone I'll love forever. The bestest!
Person 1: " That Manda is one cutie patootie"

Person 2: " Yep, she's my Baby Cakes!"
by babydinguscakes May 18, 2011
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A shorter version of 'Amanda,' Mandas are typically very pretty girls who wear cute clothes and talk a lot about sex. They are much friendlier than Amandas.
"Amanda is such a bitch."
"Luckily, Manda was there to save the day. What a sweetheart!"
by Sunshine Sam September 8, 2006
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A large, serpentine kaiju (monster) from Japanese kaiju-eiga (monster movies). Manda shared the stage with Godzilla in 1968's "Destroy All Monsters", but is best known for his starring role as the sea-serpent god of the Kingdom of Mu in "Atragon". Manda strongly resembled a traditional Japanese dragon, with a long, slender, scaly body, four tiny legs, and a sharp-featured head with prominent horns. His most notable special ability was to wrap himself around an enemy and squeeze, constrictor style.
My favorite monster from Godzilla movies is Manda.
Manda is WAY better than Baragon!
by Madfingers December 3, 2010
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Manda; she’s literally a sweetest person ever. She’s kind, caring, cool and a very calm person. she acts like hating on you probably always shouting and mad at you, but deep inside she’s tryna protect you and she always do. The bad thing is that Manda never protect herself. she’s never tell her problem to anyone and going through of it by herself. she was amazing. sometimes when u get mad at her and said such a bad things to her, she would probably gets upset but she doesn’t show it that she’s upset and sad, although she’s still love you. u will miss her when u far away from her, because the memories she makes with u were so beautiful. everything u do with her are missed. u literally felt really gratefull that u met her. she’s always support u no matter what happen. she would listen to your problem or how’s your day going. she just really beautiful, inside and outside. she’s always been there and waiting for u no matter how long it took. she’s not that funny cause both of u have a different sense of humor. but still make u laugh tho. everytime u thinking abt her u will smile and tears came out from your eyes. everyone love her. if they don’t then i do. i love u, Manda. take care:)
manda: “what happen? if there’s something wrong, just tell me everything i will listen to you.”

me: “what about you? is there anything bad happen to u? i wanna hear it once.”
by 520224 November 24, 2021
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Someone who loves polka-dots and is required to have one of every article of clothing polka-dotted.
"She wore a lot of polka-dot stuff."
"You mean Manda?"
by BabyGazelle December 16, 2014
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The nickname for someone called Amanda usually.
Friend:Hey Manda!!
Amanda: Hey!
by Jedi Master Luna January 22, 2006
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what lilttle kids call you when they can't pronounce amanda.
My neice says "Manda pick me up."
by amanda January 3, 2005
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