A way of avoiding temptations or doing something you know will have a bad consequences. Derived from the method used by a man of the lupine persuasion who sees a full moon and knows he's about to transform. He werewolfs himself by locking himself in a room for the safety of himself and others. Werewolfing involves cutting off cutting off communication like turning off your cell phone and computer, staying at home where it is safe and make sure you plenty of distractions like movies or video games. Getting high is a popular way to werewolf yourself.

On the 30 Rock episode, 'When It Rains, It Pours', Tracy Jordan werewolfs himself so he can be there for the birth of his daughter.
Alcoholic #1: Did you ask Sam if he wants to come out and get wasted with us tonight?

Alcoholic #2: I did but he’s werewolfing himself because he has to work at 6am tomorrow.
by Alcoholics Unaminous November 19, 2010
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To bite the side of a beer can and proceed to suck the beer through your teeth holes.
Man I was werewolfing so much last night, I woke up with a werewolf this morning.
by atowngirl August 28, 2010
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Immortal creature, 1/2 human, that turns into a wolf every Full Moon!
You could just tell she's a Werewolf even when it's not Full Moon!
by Starchylde August 27, 2016
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A sad boi who just wants pets but people keep running away from them....
Look, it's a Werewolf! Let's go pet it! *Happy werewolf noises*
by Sadbeanyboihere November 4, 2019
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A big boi who just wants some love but some people keep running away..........
Person 1: RUN, WEREWOLF!
Person 2: He just wants pets (petting werewolf)
by Sadbeanyboihere November 4, 2019
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The question asked for the answer, "There, wolf."
Inga: Werewolf!
Dr. Frankenstein: Werewolf?
Igor: There.
Dr. Frankenstein: What?
Igor: There, wolf. There, castle.
Dr. Frankenstein: Why are you talking that way?
Igor: I thought you wanted to.
Dr. Frankenstein: No, I don't want to.
Igor: (shrugs) Suit yourself. I'm easy.
by Dan Weyandt October 31, 2011
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The best affliction one can obtain in a scary movie. Werewolves can only be killed by silver whereas vampires are killed by crosses, stakes, holy water, and the death of their vampiric leader. According to the movie Van Helsing, the only thing that can kill Dracula is a werewolf.
Dracula: Ima bout' ta take over tha world!

Regular Guy: Oh Sh!T! Full moon! -changes into a werewolf-

Werewolf: Wussup now b!tch?!
by A-Whack April 26, 2008
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