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Weoley Castle is a small area in Birmingham located right next to Northfield... If you like drugs, STD's and getting stabbed then Weoley Castle is the place for you! If that isn't your type of thing and you, for whatever reason, decide to go there, then here's a bit of guidence for you, stay away from 'The Square'. They all claim it's alright, and to be fair to them it is their biggest attraction, but do not go there, especially at night.

One final note, be careful of the men there, as they might 'Weoley Castle One Bomb' you. Search it.
Me: "I caught an STD last week!"
Friend: "Oh really, how?"
Me: "I fell over and cut myself in Weoley Castle."

"I just got a Weoley Castle One Bomb to the face in Weoley Castle."

Me: "Excuse me sir? Do you know where the Weoley Castle Square is please?"
Stranger: "Oi blud! Do make me shank you fam, 'cuz man will lick you you know." *Sucks Teeth*
Me: ...
by WeoleyCastleOneBomber March 01, 2017
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