A terrible person but a terrible person that is being terrible by being humours.
“Stop being such a wene

“Have you met that girl called Charlotte?”
“Yeah she’s a wene/wene”
by Crackhead_vibez April 3, 2020
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Wenee, which means 'WE are NEw Ending" and "WE NEED", is the definition of the people who will always love and support Wonho no matter what and protect him at all costs.
"Our fandom name, Wenee was announced on 29th of June, 2020."
by weneebebeliya June 29, 2020
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WENEE is the fandom for kpop idol Wonho. The official fandom name was released on a vlive on June 29, 2020. It is an acronym for "we are new ending" and also "we need" because Wonho and Wenee's need each other!

Wenee's will always love and support Wonho. We will protect him at all costs!
A: Do you like Wonho?
B: Yes, I'm a Wenee!
by AtinyWeneeMonbebeArmy July 1, 2020
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A person who’s loved for who they are and someone who sticks by another’s side forever. An eternal promise to stay together forever.
She/He is loving and caring, always right beside me through the thorns and the meadows, she/he is my wenee.
by Eternity2007 June 30, 2020
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WENEE, which stands for "WE are NEw Ending" or "WE NEED" Is the fandom name for Kpop soloist Wonho. Wonho is a former member of boy group Monsta X. The name represents the special bond between Wonho and his fans, who have been there to support him through everything.
“Let's walk only the paths of happiness together. WENEE I love you.”
by wonho'sLove June 30, 2020
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The name of Wonho's fandom, released on 29.06.2020.
-Hey, do you like Wonho?
-Actually... I am a wenee!
-I am a monbebe!
-Forever Ot7.
by Applepiexd June 29, 2020
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