Used to define a Welsh Person. Often used as a nickname, and called by a person who isn't Welsh.
Welshie is a very witty Welsh girl.
by Welshie June 21, 2006
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Smart arse Bastard

Rellies on sarcasm alot

Otherwise King of the Moon
Man standing on moon dressed like a king.

No not Elvis.....A king not the King
by Christafish December 07, 2003
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welsh kids who play rugby dont follow any trends and fight chavs.
in wales there are welshies
by hioplop February 07, 2009
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Welshy is a stinking Toe, his pic denotes that.
by GJ December 09, 2003
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When a prostitute can serve a client WHILE eating two double cheeseburgers with bacon.
You see that chick over there?
Yea, what about her?
She eats while she works!
by Dr.Dedoverde April 15, 2010
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