Well-being is a noun which means the state of being comfortable, healthy, or happy. It is used to refer to the physical, psychological, spiritual, social and economic state of an individual or group. It constitutes a measure of the quality of life with high levels giving a positive experience while low levels give rise to dissatisfaction possibly leading to depression or anti-social acts.
Malcolm has an adverse effect on the well-being of his co-workers.
by AKACroatalin August 22, 2016
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Health and well-being can mean different things within different cultures and may even change over time. A negative definition would be the absence of physical illness or disease and psychological distress. A positive definition would be the attainment and maintaining of physical and psychological fitness. Unfortunately, the label was used by discriminatory feminists to promote female only rest areas from which all males are excluded. Even the so-called experts couldn’t leave it alone; they had to have a holistic definition, namely, that health and well-being is the result of a combination of physical, social, intellectual and emotional factors, which most people could have worked out for themselves, aren’t “experts” wonderful.
“Some dozy bimbo from HR wants to run health and well-being awareness courses, just so she can peddle her feminist bullshit.”
“Oh fuck!”
by AKACroatalin September 1, 2016
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Mr Brightside's Law of Social Well Being was discovered by Daniel M. Keysell, LMH of Shevamania in November 2006, in England, United Kingdom.
Mr Brightside's Laws of Social Well Being states the 5 laws of social well being are:

1. Paul Burgess and David Blunket are one and the same person.
2. If a person wants to stay socially well, they must respect the teachings of Harry and Ron, and Shevamania.
3. Alcohol should be consumed when out either in big amounts at party's or nights out, or small amounts if out on a social occation like a date.
4. Amit's height will always be smaller than everyone else, mathmatical fact.
5. Nod when you see a sexy girl at a fellow peer nearby
by King Keys, LHM of Shevamania November 15, 2006
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