A combination between the words "weiner" and "penis".
He has a big weinis.

You're such a weinis.
by Dave March 04, 2003
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1.A juvenile name for a penis
2. The acronym for the account Chandler Bing was responsible for on FRIENDS.
Janis dumped Chandler because he spent too much time talking about his WENIS/ weinis.
by Kiss Me I'm Blue May 31, 2006
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1. noun. the male member
2. noun. a male idiot (especially when around women).
1. I totally forwarded his weinis pics to all my friends.
2. He was soo hot, but acting like a total weinis on our second date.
by H.Mess February 19, 2008
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also known as a weiner. never spelt weenie or weeny. a loser or idiot etc etc.
marfie is the biggest weini. she cant spell, the weini.
by lyz&soph September 14, 2006
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