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The person at a sesh designated to cleaning the stale smoke from the bong. Sometimes it is the last person who says the words "Weed Monkey" after the initial hit.
Me: *takes a hit* Weed Monkey!!!
Doyle: Weed Monkey!!!
Rick: Wee.... for fuck sakes. *cleans stale smoke and coughs*
by FirePitProtox December 21, 2010
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Person who habitually smokes weed with you but never returns the favor and never pay you.
Weed Monkey: wanna go smoke a bowl, dude?
John: heyyyyy man, quit being such a freaking weed monkey!
by Ryan Tucker January 16, 2007
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a person with bad credit.
a dirty person.
person in debt
This trailer trash weedmonkey is trying to buy a car and he has no credit.
by Chris Russell October 23, 2003
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An old car or truck used to haul or supply moonshine
Corin: Did you see that weedmonkey compact

Penny: at least it's not a damn chevy. Own 1, it gives me the fluster fuck every day just to keep it on the road.

Corin: you need a weedmonkey to curb that headach

Penny: wtf for, I don't even drink-lol
by lallygagmewallflowers October 20, 2009
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Jamal is a weed monkey. He's been blazing that shit all day long.
by CelticsFan69 July 05, 2016
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A person who has no money.
Look at that weedmonkey, he probably can't buy a pack of gum
by Chris Russell October 25, 2003
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a gril freind you just hangout with have sex with in the bushes and party all the time.
just a freind not the one you will call your wife one day.
by W.RICKMAN December 17, 2003
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