Weed Eater is the punchline to the concept that humor will be “randomly generated”. It originally came from an episode of VeggieTales but more specifically a viral post of someone putting in the clip of the prediction under the title of, “VeggieTales predicts modern humor”.

Since then, to abstract memes (e.g Wide Putin) that don’t have a clear punchline, the response can often be Weed Eater, referring to the famous line said in the episode.
Person 1: *Posts weird meme*
Person 2: W E E D E A T E R
Person 3: Weed Eater
by LarryTheVegetable42069 June 21, 2020
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The new solution to the equation 2 + 2.
Robot #1: “What is the solution to the equation 2 + 2?”

Robot #2: “I don’t know. What does 2 + 2 equal?”

Robot #1: thinking mode intensifies

Robot #1: “WEED EATER.”

Larry the Cucumber: “Now THAT’S funny!”
by Undefined Definitions April 8, 2021
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Why would you buy a $200 Weed Eater man? Just use one of the organic, living ones. Sure, it will complain about having it's ears pulled like a starter cord, but they will still get up the weeds just as good as a gas powered Weed Eater.
by WeeW MooM February 28, 2020
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A large plug-in massager often used by women for vaginal stimulation such as the Hitachi Magic Wand and the Adam & Eve Magic Massager.
Plug in the weed eater honey, I'll be right there.
by Brock Ironthighs August 4, 2011
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The weed eater is when one performs the daunting task of eating out a female that happens to be very hairy. While "down there" the person makes the sound of a weedeater, or a reving motor sound. vrm vrm vrm vrm vrm
Its the same as 70's porn, just add the sounds effects of a weed-eater.
by Natedawg Burnett January 29, 2008
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weed eater
One who smokes a lot of pot.
Mary is a real weed eater.
by kevin June 5, 2004
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