A person starting to take interest in anime, manga, and japanese culture who will later on become a weeaboo.
Weeblet: I've watched Naruto and Attack on Titan!
Veteran Weeb: I've watched every anime, read every manga known to man, attend anime expo every year, have thousands of manga in my collection, and my room is filled with anime merchandise.
by slimemage August 7, 2019
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One that does not yet know the secrets, dangers and degeneracy Anime holds in store.
"Hey, what's a 'Trap', r/Berzeck0? "
"Sweet summer child. You must be a Weeblet."
by Norolinski June 22, 2019
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A person who thinks they're a real Weeb once they've finished Monogatari and Steins Gate. They probably started learning hiragana and finally found the /a/ board but couldn't navigate it.

They believe anyone who's watched less anime than them is a normie, while they are a cultured Weeaboo.
Regularly watches Gigguk and/or Loliconics, but doesn't understand 80% of the references.
Weeblet: JoJo is based.
Weeb: Based on what?
by uglybassturd May 10, 2020
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People who watch anime, but don't accept the fact that they are a Weeb.

Lighter way of calling someone a "weeb"
You're Such a Weeblet for watching anime
by Daah September 1, 2017
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the type of person to do sock puppet theater in a dark room
bruh ur such a weeblet
by loadtooslow October 30, 2019
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