from Game of Thrones: a person who doesn't know the hardships of winter

often used when someone has no experience with a particular (stressful) thing
"Oh, you still have a lot to learn about fangirling and otp's, my sweet summer child."
by Bummi February 22, 2016
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This saying originates from Game of Thrones, where some seasons last for years on end, as a term for those who have not tasted the hardships of winter. Generally used to refer to someone who is inexperienced or does not know the full extent of something, while they thinking they do.
You think Monster Hunter is easy? Oh my Sweet summer child...
by sebacostamr November 24, 2018
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A positive term to refer to someone who is just so bright, cheerful and sweet. A sweet summer child will make your day if you come upon one.
Girl 1: Omg I looove that dress! It makes you look like a princess!

Girl 2: Omg thanks girl, you're such a sweet summer child!
by Obv troll is obvious September 30, 2020
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A person who you think is perfect. And beautiful.And too good for our world.
Justin Bieber is my sweet summer child. He is too good for this world.
by swyggyswag July 4, 2015
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Another really nice way of saying 'bless your heart'.
So you believe in faith over science ? Oh you sweet summer child.
by CrashMussen April 8, 2021
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A sentence used when the meaning of something has flown over another persons head because of their innocence
Person 1: I just loooove big cocks

Person 2: Why do you like them more then regular sized chickens?

Person 1: Oh sweet summer child
by M!KA September 17, 2022
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Someone who is perfect in every way imaginable. They are kind, funny, pretty, sweet, and above all an amazing person to have in your life. If you are known as someones 'sweet summer child's they love and cherish you and you should value their friendship forever.
Girl 1: do you know Chloe?
Girl 2: YAASS she is my sweet summer child!!
by Sphinix August 15, 2018
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