A weeaboo that thinks he's higher than any other weeb. A veteran weeb thinks that there is a hierarchy when it comes to being a weeaboo therefore calling himself a "Veteran Weeb".

Usually, they call themself a Veteran Weeb in social media, and when people asks them how to be one, they usually advise them to watch more anime, not knowing that not all weeaboos watch anime.

Basically, they're just elitist weebs that thinks they are higher than everybody else, in reality, they're still living in their parents' homes and not helping around the house. Instead of doing their house chores, they instead watch anime all day and interact with other weebs on social media then proceeds to call them normies without knowing the meaning of it.
please stop calling yourself a Veteran Weeb, you're making yourself look like a clown.
by AllenTube January 5, 2021
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