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Originated in Cambridge, Maryland by watermen and carpenters, a racial slur towards African Americans. A take on the ficticious statement by Blacks, "We be eatin' chicken and we be playin' basketball."
I hear that weebee's registered to vote in record numbers in 2008.
by nutsakajewia January 16, 2010
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small, Affectionate, loving person with an unhealthy intrest in all things kiky.
by JJ June 07, 2004
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"Weebee" as in "we be here when you are gone." A weebee is a jaded employee subjected to an ongoing series of management fads and corporate "initiatives" that make a lot of work, but lead to nothing and are forgotten as the next fad or management team takes over
The weebees sustain the business while management comes and goes.
by winsburke October 11, 2014
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Complete dipshit. Someone who may not know what to do and constantly makes the same mistake.
This is the fourth time Willie has made a goal in the wrong net. He is a "weebee."
by Willie's fun box August 27, 2016
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WeeBee is long for W. B. which is short for Water Bottle. WeeBee is a branded water bottle that goes everywhere and takes selfies with brands, places and people. WeeBee is a hashtag that can also be used to start social media post.
#weebee skiing at the alps today!
#weebee taking selfies with the Rock!
Weebee is watching planes go by.
by weebeeadventures September 26, 2018
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