1. A short male (Scottish)
2. A small penis (Scottish)
''Grant put your wee man away''
by Brendan April 6, 2003
What I call my penis.
"Hey there wee man, come outta there, I'd really like to see you today."
by didkddkei September 12, 2003
wee man is the best i love him so much!!!!
by alysha September 1, 2003
The little Jackass star who is supposedly dead (but hes not) Hes so funny! But hes not sexay.
by Angie March 18, 2005
oh, the wee mans sore. i was thrashing him really hard last night!
by Anonymous April 6, 2003
When a man is fucking a midget, any style, and preforms a stunt on her that is shown in Jackass, whether that be a cum chug, an ass brand...etc.
Jim: "Hey, How'd it go with Charlene last night."
Bob: "It was great! we were doing doggy style, and since she's a midget I thought I would pull Wee Man's Revenge."
Jim: "Nice. What stunt did u do?"
Bob: "I branded a dick on her ass"
Jim: "Dude... weak."
by (-slimTHUG-) December 19, 2009