The placing of items (various) between the buttock cheeks with the intention of using as a storage space, handy 3rd hand or just to take something for a walk.
Have you seen Bob, he's wedging that large screwdriver & is climbing that ladder. How does he do it???
by Dusty Boots July 11, 2019
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Wedging is when you stay up for long periods of a time a start getting delirious.

Commonly used by 13 year olds or ptots that like to say they get high by "wedging"
Man i've been up for 4 days now, and i'm wedging so hard!
by forrestfire17 September 05, 2010
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A person of considerable physical stature. The person must have greater muscle mass as opposed to body fat content. This term is synonymous with hench.
"Wedge guy walks into bar, the bar say's ouch!"
by Fuckfield November 19, 2009
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a WPI term used to describe the section that connects two of the freshman dorms. it also connects to NetOps, which usually sucks at keeping the network operational. The Wedge is the usual hangout of the wedge rats on friday nights.
I'll meet you in the wedge before lunch
by Howard Assmunch February 06, 2005
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screwed up, mangled, generally broken, especially when applied to a device or person "stuck" in a non-functional mode
This computer is really wedged.
John is really wedged about this.
by twf January 08, 2004
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Someone who wedges in between friendships by being rude or disagreeing with the group. makes a wedge between themselves and other people.
Jehans being a wedge by not wanting to watch Grown Ups when everyone else does.
by Samdog15 January 02, 2011
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A type of shoe, with a round toe and thicker platform sole in the front that narrows towards the back. Wedges have no actual "heel". They look cool if you want to look more "mainstream" but do not actually want to buy spike heels.
I have black leather wedge sandals with a 4.5 inch sole. They felt very uncomfortable at first because I had never worn a wedge heel before, but now they feel fine.
by marla x0 December 21, 2004
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