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A person of considerable physical stature. The person must have greater muscle mass as opposed to body fat content. This term is synonymous with hench.
"Wedge guy walks into bar, the bar say's ouch!"
by Fuckfield November 19, 2009
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Where someone of petite stature can be manoeuvred quickly into different sex positions. This is usually followed by a savage pounding of the pelvic area. Chuckability is usually measured on a scale of 1-10.
Man 1: That petite girl is fit!!
Man 2: She’s got at least an 8 on the chuckability scale.
Man 3: Ha (sniggering) her pelvis would not last 5 minutes.
by Fuckfield November 15, 2009
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A group of men notorious to their area.
Man 1: * Unsheathes a knife from this pocket and says bruv what have you got for me?
Man 2: Retorts are you stoops bruv I'm rollin' with baggaman
by Fuckfield November 15, 2009
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