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We Stan is a term that is used to express extreme support for something, or that you are a huge fan of someone.

It is a term that derived from Eminem created character "Stan" taken from the song Stan featuring Dido. Stan is a character who loves Eminem so much and is such a die hard fan he became obsessed with him and it eventually drives him insane (literally over a bridge, to his death whilst leaving a message for Eminem, sadly).

Thus, those who "Stan" something love and support that person, thing or situation with a passion. The "We" is used to show that many people also fall behind the same cause.
Friend 1: Did you see the way Kendrick Lamar used his performance at the GRAMMY's last night to stand up for Black Rights AND Bullying??

Friend 2: Yeah bro, he always looks at the bigger picture, definitely a great role model for the next generation. We Stan Kdot.

Friend 1: Agreed, We Stan. We Stan HARD!!
by Darkiie July 28, 2019
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