A very cool Staff Team member for Ability wars.
Wayys = Giga chad
Greenie: "Wayys you're super cool man"
Wayys: "Thanks brah!"
by BamzOfficial October 7, 2023
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"wayys is a super good admin for gaem ability war"
by BamzOfficial October 7, 2023
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to be rinsed or "told". often highly embarrassing and cringey for the person being wayyyed. comes from term shouted after someone has got told or rinsed
ouch. you just got wayyyed
by pistolpetej May 1, 2011
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dude that is a badass and gets hoes
bro he wayy
by lilwayy November 5, 2017
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A girl with a beautiful eyes. Once you know her, shes a coolest person. Shes nice and good at giving people attention. She might hurt your feelings but deep down she never meant to.
She looks like wayie.
by haishhh September 25, 2020
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means that ima spend my life with your cute ass im never letting go im staying by your side forever ur gonna be safe in these arms of mines and ima gonna love u for eternity i love UR CUTE ASS BABY
hey baby i love u wayy moree
by iloveyouwayymoreee October 11, 2018
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A Crip organization that stands on loyalty & don’t play about there respect. Found by the north side 60 Crips. Based in Columbus Oh , Savannah Ga & , Los angeles Ca.
On that one way catch em on dat 6 wayy.
by World definition September 5, 2022
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