When a couple is going through a large crowd. They won't let go of each others hand for THIRTY FRICKIN SECONDS, so this results in an awkward crowd-parting in which the guy is dragged behind the girl or vice versa.
Did you see Zach and Jillian? They won't break contact so theyre awkwardly waterskiing.
by efvaebaegfbgahdbgrhytgdfbnhtg November 6, 2011
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Slang: (Aust.)
The act of being so thoroughly drunk that you piss yourself at the bar with your legs apart, while holding onto the handrail along the side.

Aussie 1: "Jeez mate, you look rough. Hard night?"
Aussie 2: "Too bloody right. I got so steamed last night I went waterskiing at the bar!"
Aussie 1: "Strewth! I bet that was a relief..."
by Eddie Faulkner March 17, 2008
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When your fingers skim the water in the toilet bowl while you are wiping your ass.
I went waterskiing this morning because i was late for class.
by Pathimself September 17, 2007
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When a woman attempts to form a relationship with multiple guys who are friends. Although the relationships are usually sexual they can also be close friendships.
Fuck this whore! She is waterskiing really hard!
by bud123456 June 14, 2010
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When a guy/girl stands directly over a guy/girl and pisses all over the individual while the one that is receiving the piss opens their mouth and accumulates the piss and swallows just like cum...yummm
We decided to waterski after she was tired of swallowing cummm
by Berry January 17, 2004
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For the daring gay trio. Two of the men put their penises into the third mans mouth and then urinate simultaneously.
Corey and his 2 friends try to morning waterski every day.
by MasterBlaster6999 July 16, 2010
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When one gets drug behind a vehicle of any sort refusing to let go. This usually happens behind ATVs.
Whoa look at Chuck!! After a few drinks he always wants to go mexican waterskiing.
by novahickey November 6, 2009
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