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" I am going waterfalling", meaning one is going out and exploring waterfalls, a new word and phrase Hamiltonians use to explore their over 100 waterfalls in the City.
by Chris Ecklund July 14, 2008
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The action of taking a drink out of a bottle without actually touching it with your mouth, usually to avoid spittle left over, or "germs."
Jason: Dude, why are you drinking my soda? That's disgusting, I don't want your germs!
Dave: Hey, don't worry, I'm waterfalling.
by xJulia June 22, 2006
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to catch your female partner's cum in your mouth when she squirts and then stream or spit it back onto her or into her mouth
Have you ever squirted in a man's face and then watched him while he is waterfalling onto your tits? I have.
by S'moken July 30, 2010
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