To walk around the garden, watering plants in whichever way is needed...

Watering up the stem
by Ace4kingAce August 21, 2020
Doing the simple push-up while submerged under water. May be in a pool, the ocean, a bath tub, or even a bucket. However, you must be submerged at all times during exercise for it to truly be water-push ups. No tricks or fancy equipment required, just push-ups under water.
Jeff: Dude I did 300 water push-ups yesterday!

Kurt: Wow! I did 200! I guess I still need practice.
by Water push-up trainer May 7, 2009
"My new TV show is starting a new season, I have a party tonight, and my internet connection has been restored! Everything's coming up waters."
by Benedick Cumonmybaps February 4, 2013