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When two gay men one uncircumcised and the other circumcised dock their penises and then one or the other men masturbate both of them with each stroke using the uncircumcised persons foreskin. When reaching a climax in this circumstance the act of orgasming compounded with the near watertight seal of one cock inside another, often causes a sticky and unpredictable explosion of semen around the edge of the outer docked pensis' foreskin. Similar to the effect of holding ones thumb over the end of a water hose. This semen spray effect when Water Snaking it is often called a backdraft. Note, because pain is normal for the backdraft recipient, finishing first is often a race between the stroker and strokee.
At the end of their date, the two gay lovers masturbated by water snaking it. They took turns simultaneously stroking their docked penises until one "Back drafted" inside of the others penis.
by WordOfTheDay83 November 19, 2016
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