1. A sex act in which a woman presses a towel over the face of her sexual partner, then ejaculates or "squirts" violently over the face and towel to simulate drowning.

2. A female ejaculation aimed or targeting the mouth, eyes, and lungs of a sexual partner.
Every time Brigette Nielsen gets her hands on a man, she straddles the poor bastard like a saddle and water boards the dude until he's gargling she-skeet.
by Balki Bartokomouth February 19, 2014
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When girl flexes her pelvis and accidentally discharges her vaginal fluid on your face whilst being Drop Smeared
"Dude what happened to your face?!"

"I almost drowned earlier, this girl water boarded me."
by Marshmello73 December 09, 2011
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When you are eating out a woman and she squirts in your mouth or on your face.
I was eating out this girl last night and she water boarded me! That is my type of interrogation.
by Dgr8cristobal April 22, 2011
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Alternate spelling of waterboarding. There are several variations on the technique, but it generally involves holding a subject's head in a declined position and forcing water into their airway, thus inducing a feeling of terror as the body believes it is drowning. If performed correctly, water boarding does not leave marks and is not lethal.
Water boarding is not nearly as much fun as boogie boarding.
by yaolinglingjiu January 24, 2012
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when you slick up his entire front side with lube and then take a running slide at him aiming to ride that dick
"i tried to water board jason last night but i missed and broke my nose on the wall"
"wtf is water boarding?"
by <3<3gee<3<3 October 08, 2019
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When you are in a shower fucking your lady from behind. She is bent over and the water runs over her head and hair flooding her face causing her to choke on the water as she attempts to breathe in.
Before we went out last night I got a quickie from Trudie in the shower. Ended up water boarding her haha.
by Scotty Nice October 19, 2019
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When a man or woman is on the receiving end of an orgasm (female ejaculation) and it nearly drowns them.

Queening and squirting, while the receiver cannot move.
My Queen sat on my face and orgasmed so much, it felt like she was squirt water boarding me!
by Mistress Red Nose June 13, 2016
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