She's absolutely gorgeous ,the type of beauty that turns heads when she walks into a room. She's smart ,witty,profound , articulate, a classic example of class. Like a diamond. The only flaw she has is she's suffering from a hard heart caused by a man . so now she's afraid to open her heart. That's her only imperfection,but perfect in every other way.The complete package
Definitely girlfriend or wife material
The woman of my dreams is a Brigette
by Roja's Rick May 8, 2016
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Extreamly beautiful,strong-willed and very independent. Some one who is really amazing. A very trustworthy friend and someone you want to know. She doesn't need a man and is perfectly capable of doing things on her own, but secretly longs for someone to sweep her off her feet and give her a fairytale ending.she is gorgeous and is nice to everyone. She makes the best out of everything.
Quite outspoken at times. Shes afraid to get close to anyone because she's been hurt too many times.
Overall good person & Definitely Best friend,girlfriend material.
hey! now thats Brigette, she's kind
by Kalifornia girll June 17, 2010
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Some one who is really amazing.very trustworthy friend and someone you want to know.she is gorgeous and is nice to everyone.She makes the best out of everything.Definitely
Best friend,girlfriend material.
Who is that girl she obviously is a brigette.
by AmazinglyAwesomeBooty August 12, 2009
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A great person who you will be really great friends with but will end up running over your dog
Me: Jesus christ! Brigette! You ran over my dog!
by Softboy05 October 16, 2019
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Very beautiful...sassy...and smart. Everything you could ever want all rolled into one person. Likes to talk alot. Takes pride in herself and her man. Loves like no other. Also a little clumsy.
"Man I wish I could meet a girl like Brigett"
by Lil peep December 20, 2016
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The Brigette is the action of mocking another person whenever you're losing an argument and want to be super annoying.
Jessica: "Sydney is not the capital of Australia."
Brigette *mockingly*: "SyDnEY iS noT thE CaPitAl oF AuStrAliA"
Jessica: "Oh my God she's doing the Brigette again"
by buildingbridges1932 April 18, 2021
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