Everything you did was for nothing, simply your effort was wasted
John homework is rejected, it’s such a wasted potential
by Marok4203 February 26, 2022
sea mechanic from the cw show “The 100
man, sea mechanic really was wasted potential. they would’ve been so cute together.
by the one that got away July 30, 2019
You and the person have chemistry with each other and maybe flirt but the relationship never goes anywhere and you feel stuck
Girl: It’s your choice if you want me I am here
Guy: I’m good
Girl: This is what I like to refer to as the wasted potential zone
by Pasty2021 December 20, 2020
Not using the pole vault poles to have jousting tournaments
Damn, its wasted potential that we cant joust with the poles, I'd love to see Nick absolutely impaled
by daves.disciples January 21, 2022