a phrase used by people to define college
"I shouldn't have went to that state college. All I did was get drunk and party and now I can't find a job because of my useless degree in Environmental Art History. what a waste of 4 years."
by Colagegraduit January 17, 2016
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the best new band to rule the earth. i only heard 4 songs from them and they all fucking rock. trust me guys, if you listen to them you will love them.

their songs
Dude1:dude 12yw is awesome!!!
Dude2:who r they?
Dude1:u fckin moron go listen to your backstreet boys cd
by AndrewStorms December 4, 2004
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1. A kick ass tune by Iron Maiden with one of the best guitar solos in history, although Aces High beats Wasted Years by a miniscule.

2. Me and my ex
1. "You ever heard of this banger of a tune called Wasted Years? It has a fucking good guitar solo.

"Nah but I'll give it a listen"

"Nice Nice"

2. My ex wasted years of my life only to end the relationship for petty reasons which could've been easily sorted. I once said those were the best years of my life, but now I can't say the same as I no longer treasure those moments.
by Rotten Turkey July 30, 2022
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