Wasichu- Lakota - meaning : Taker of the fat. Usually referring to the European Invaders who stole the land and took the best of anything they pleased. Alternate meanings - 1: Greedy or Entitled White Man or Woman, Thief 2: Native who has betrayed his culture.
The C.E.O of the Oil Company is Wasichu.
by Shawnee. D. June 6, 2018
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An individual who will betray another of his same tribe, culture and or ethnicity for personal gain or from their internal self confliction or delusional disconnection.
The US Calvary recruited turncoat apaches to track Chief Geronimo as paid Wasichu scouts dishonoring their people.
by Creativelingo January 17, 2021
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it means: owner of the fat
hello wasichu
by November 25, 2020
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