It's when a girl is giving a blow job, and she's doing good with her mouth and then she stops and takes her mouth off and the dick is all wet and then the girl starts giving a very violent hand job in which case she is not going north and south she's also going east and west and any chance of the guy cumming is lost because of her sudden hand attack on the guys dick
Brad: Man, this girl gave me a washing machine last night
Matt: Oh man I'm sorry, did it hurt....
Brad: Of course it hurt SHE GAVE ME A WASHING MACHINE
by Chadagonia March 16, 2015
During anal sex with a woman you pee up her ass and gyrate your hips in a circular motion whilst making a wooshing sound.
I turned her into a washing machine last night now shes cleaning shit up all day
by DEMuahahah June 27, 2011
A type of kiss where both tongues go in a circular motion mimicking a washing machine
“I heard Lisa and John were doing the washing machine behind school yesterday!”
by SAC July 31, 2019
A woman. Every single woman is a washing and should be in the kitchen washing the dishes.
Woman should stay in the kitchen, they're all washing machines. Their national dance is the motion of washing dishes.
by I'mSorryForEVERYTHING May 4, 2018
A form of masturbation for women, In which they turn the washing machine on the sit on it. Most likely used during the spin cycle. Which on an uneven load can cause the machine to vibrate more.
Sarah sure loves spending time on the washing machine.
by clapyourhands October 12, 2010
the thing that washes ur clothes!
Yo this washing machine is broken look at them suds!
by Jay Jeeva February 28, 2005