A game that nobody can ever download

could be up to 100 gigs with no updates

(Just add it were i can play without updating. To Activision)
Dude1: wanna play call of duty warzone

Dude2: isint that game like 100 gigs
by Glitch Town November 25, 2020
A game that stands for “Call Of Duty Hack-Zone” because they need a better anti-cheat
Me: you wanna play some Call Of Duty Warzone?
Friend: No, all people do is hack on that game, it should be called “Hack-Zone”
by Skyrizzy2.0 on tik tok January 27, 2022
The 3 least likely things to come out anytime soon...
Jack Spank9049: Man, I am really getting bored of Windows Vista, GTA 2 (Sega Dreamcast) and Fortnite kids on Warzone, I'll wonder when Windows 11, GTA 6 and Warzone Anti-Cheat will come out?
by Jack Spank9049 June 3, 2021
A Minecraft team PvP server hosted on Minehut owned by BennyDoesStuff, often a laggy mess and gets less than 30 players.
Wanna play on Warzone?
by ahhoulton June 19, 2021
a game that the old fortnite players quit and went to because they chould not keep up with the time and they complain about the sweats in fortnite and how " fortnite is dying" and they wine baout that fotnite is trash but in reality they were trash at fortnite so they went to warzone where you can be openly homophobic and racist.
" fortnite is dead" oh you must play WARZONE where you can be openly homophobic and racist
by pretty.lul_cam August 25, 2021
You're gay if you're reading this
Like so "you're gay if you're reading this very message"
Warzone you should probably find another Dictionary meaning
by GingerBlades June 6, 2020
A recently released (November 2022) game that is a sequel/revamp to Call of Duty: Warzone. This game either makes you feel like a literal god or a mentally stunted 4 year old. Not to mention the new DMZ gamemode where dying makes you lose all your shit. Little Timmy can ruin your day by running you over on your last match of the night when you were seconds away from a successful exfil. That is, if you can even make it to exfil before the AI with literal aimbot can wipe your squad with two bullets from 1,000,000 meters away. But, look! You can get Ghost (from modern warfare 2!!!) for the low, low price of $99.99
"Hey, you tryna hop on Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0 later?"

"Thanks, but I'd rather kill myself."
by tacofoxxo December 14, 2022