Drinking a large amount of shots and bombs on a night out usually ending hospital bound
Going to the bar ordering 17 shots and 36 jaeger bombs warzone drinking
by SWILKUS November 30, 2011
A gay fucking game that should go fuck a boy because he fucking deserves it
OMG COD warzone is the best said gorge the virgin me just fucking go fuck it
by jimranada October 2, 2020
The action of giving special treatment to friends within the warzone community as supposed to other friends
You are not allowed in here, you don't have warzone privilege.

I'll play with you another time, We all about that warzone privilege tonight.
by iRikudoSennin July 7, 2022
Slang commonly used amongst gamer males which are intending on self harming typically withing 30 minutes of saying the phrase
"hey man wanna hop on warzone? Maybe today will be the lucky day."
by Cutting May 3, 2021
A day of Warzone where u can play the game undisturbed and with no distractions and no girlfriends FaceTiming you
It’s warzone day time to grind without distractions
by I got u boys May 29, 2021
A warzone kid is someone who is way better then a fortnite kid and has a life which he/she is not a virgin and has a girlfriend while a fortnite kid sits in his moms basement. A warzone kid will crush a fortnite kids head like a grape and destroy his self esteem while he is at it.
I’m a warzone kid so I destroyed that fortnite kid last Sunday and his sled esteem
by Lenny face( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) March 15, 2021
A piece of shit game thats pretty decent, but it doesnt matter since all the players are sweaty tryhards, who jerk off to tentacle hentia, the game itself is alright, but the players want to to fucking rip my throat out my asshole.
Person 1: Have you played Cod: Warzone?
Person 2: Yeah I like it, but the players are sweaty 40 year olds, who will never succeed in life, they live with there grandma who just wants to fucking die.
Person 1: Wow tell me how you really fucking feel, jesus.
by TheSimpofSimpsons September 20, 2020