A slang term that originated in the Western United States. It’s simply an invitation to have gay sex or code to say you’re a homosexual.
Josh: “hey man, hop on warzone!”

Chris: “get the fuck out of my dms homo”
by Midget fucker242 April 22, 2021
ONe of the best if not the best COD BR to ever exist
I love playing Warzone 2 with my pretty good/not good friend ShinyLight-_-
by ROSE SKIN November 30, 2022
Basically someone who hates on fortnite because it’s not dead yet and hasn’t gotten killed by any game.
John: hey you wanna play fortnite

Mike: nah I only play dead games I’m a warzone kid
by Warzone is gay September 25, 2020
A game thats made me:

Leave a massive whole in my desk

Rage uninstall 800gb's worth of games

Smash my controller

Wake up my household

Left me on the verge of smashing my monitor

Made me break a headset

Imma see a anger management therapist after doing writing definition
Jack Spank9049: Hey you up for some Call of Duty: Warzone?
CyberDog-63: Nah I smashed my fucking controller!
Jack Spank9049: Ah ok, Imma see if jackspack02 want's to play!
by Jack Spank9049 March 29, 2021
"your f--king trash bro"
"I did your mom last night"
"bro how did he hard scope me"
These are some of the most common quotes made by an average warzone player. They tend to be very toxic and only use meta weapons. They will also get mad if someone has TTV as their clan tag or in their username. Try to stay away from this species at all times. Thank you for reading, and be safe.
average warzone player vs average cold war zombies enjoyer
by EnderSender April 14, 2022
a place on urban dictionary where a word (or person) is debated over and the definitions are mixed in with each other. there are two types of urban dictionary warzones

1. a person who is given hate or praise (i.e. taylor swift)

2. a word which has a definition that is disputed over (i.e. chode)
1. writer one: taylor swift is awesome

writer two: taylor swift sucks

2. writer one:chode means a penis wider then it is long

writer two: a chode is the area between your balls and your ass

me: ugh this urban dictionary warzone is confusing
by theguy8 January 27, 2011