A very charming man. He is straight forward and can win your heart very quickly, even if you didn't have feeling for him. He will show you the affection you want but at most times isn't loyal and is a heart breaker because he has probably been with a lot of girls and has been treated unfairly. He is more than likely a stoner and knows many people who blaze
Girl 1: I just had my heart broken
Girl 2: Was his name Warren?
by Amy Fletcher May 16, 2020
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A man with no language barriers
Hayat: why do I hear multiple different languages

Texas: it must be warrèn
by Twopöck May 17, 2020
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Warren is a pedophile just saying.
guy warren how is your girlfriend

warrenShe is 5

guy she is a 5 out 10
warrenNo she is 5 years old
by warrenisgay456 June 15, 2020
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warren is a great grandpa he may do some bad things sometimes but he always says sorry he makes people so happy from is bright smile its just so amazing you should always count on him to be a grandpa even if u don't know him if he smiles at u you are getting luck on the way cause its like a good luck charm you can always count on him
warren is a amazing grandpa
by qwertyuikjhgfdx nmliuytrsxcvbn November 20, 2020
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warrens are often brunette have brown eyes and are mixed race. they are sweet charming and brave. dont ever stab warren in the back he will come for you. his last name often starts with an e and r. they often have friends called toyah maria reem tre macy and ....sean
there goes warren
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by obsessive human August 15, 2019
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When you lie about the past repeatedly in order to gain an advantage or sympathy.
She's been warren her whole life, about her ancestry, things people have said, her political leanings, where her campaign money comes from...
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by DD-Politics January 17, 2020
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