When a guy goes down on a girl and the girl is on her period. Not only is she on her period but she's wearing a tampon (not a pad.) When the guy finally arives at the spot, he grabs the tampon by the string with his teeth and shakes it like a dog attacking a sock making the tampon hit him on his cheeks leaving bloody war paint hence the "war chief."
Dude, my girl is on the rag, I wonder if I'll be able to war chief tonight.
by Pimp Juice April 15, 2005
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the act of freezing a large piece of feces, spray painting it red and using it to perform sex acts on the family pet of a neighbor
"Boy, the Shermans got the tallahassee war chief really bad on their dog this weekend."
by Greg T. T. December 21, 2007
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goin down on ur girl while she is on her period, using ur mouth u take her tampon out and shake it vigoriously splattin blood all over your face.
i did an indian war chief last and then threw up
by waka joe October 7, 2009
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A new nickname for the 45th POTUS after he green-lighted the mass slaughter of our Kurdish allies in Syria.
This well-deserved nickname may finally allow Trump Jong Un to feel like he’s hit the big time and can be known throughout history as the War Criminal in Chief; he can now join the powerful ranks of all of his deeply loved badass, mass-murdering dictator idols.
by Dr Bunnygirl October 18, 2019
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