A person who loves beef fried rice, and talks like a chine often using the phrase hokay so.
I'm a wannabe asian i love beef freid rice.
by TingTong Wong March 24, 2008
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That guys only listens to Jpop and answers the phone with "moshi moshi", he's such an asian-wannabe.
by Anders_HJ July 15, 2004
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You see this people in white societies especially in Australia, where Asians such as Chinese, Indians and more who were born there tends to think of themselves ‘white’. They try to look as ‘white’ as they

can. The Wannabe-white-Asians think they are superior then other Asian. Calling other Asians ‘Wing Wong’ when he/she’s the one who looks even more Asian.
Look at that *Wannabe-white-Asian* over there trying to flex his AirPods and has nose-piercing who can’t walk with their body straight.
by Umdum69 March 28, 2019
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