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That guys only listens to Jpop and answers the phone with "moshi moshi", he's such an asian-wannabe.
by Anders_HJ July 15, 2004
Men with big glasses and pale skin tend to like tech house.
by Anders_HJ July 21, 2004
Cheaply made Italian dancemusic influenced by both classic 70's disco and synthpop. Popular in the 80's. Later evolved to eurotechno. Buy the Max Mix-collections on your local flea market! They are fantastic!
Ken Laszlo is the king of italo disco.
by Anders_HJ April 6, 2005
Dancemusic/hiphop (sounds a little like old school miami bass with rap in portugese) originating from the favela (ghetto)in Rio De Janeiro.
by Anders_HJ April 1, 2005
To randomly add swearwords to an anime-dub to get a higher rating and attract more buyers. Practiced frequently by Manga Entertainment in the 90's.
Manga Entertainment thought fifteening was the new black.
by Anders_HJ April 6, 2005
Minimalistic housemusic often associated with the german label Kompakt. A favorite with european hipsters.
That guy have lots of Justus Köhncke on his Mp3-player. He wanna be as hip as Erlend Øye and the guys at Vice.
by Anders_HJ July 15, 2004
Early 80's subculture with popbands dressing in fancy clothes and playing elegant synthpop (electropop) with romantiscising lyrics about love and loss in glamorous settings. Short-lived (1979-1984), altough it was set to be the "next big thing" in popmusic.

The biggest bands where Japan, Spandau Ballet, Duran Duran, Visage and Ultravox. Other bands included Classix Nouveaux, Hipnosis (who where an Italo disco-band but looked very new romantic), Modern Romance and swedens Lustans Lakejer (Vanity Fair outside of Sweden) and Strasse.

New romantic later evolved into the infamous "yuppie pop" with bands like Johnny Hates Jazz and Spandau Ballet and Duran Durans more soul-inspired late 80's albums.
That guy with an short pink jacket, white shoes and blond hair over there looks very new romantic.
by Anders_HJ July 21, 2004