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An elusive character known for his underground artwork. His talent has been recognised worldwide, although currently shunned by some critics.

His work is predominantly on the paper medium and focuses on drawing cocks on existing media.
wow you're lucky, it looks like a wanksy. That'll be worth alot of money one day
by Captain wanksy May 14, 2011
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a term used on the streets to describe amatuer or wannabe graffiti artists.

Wanksy comes from the name of popular graffiti/stencil artist Banksy.
"oi wanksy put that spray can down your damaging my property"
by RobertBanks July 20, 2008
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An adoption to the name of the famous graffiti artist Bansky, by stubborn bastards who do not appreciate banksy's art work.
These people are either to thick to undestand the message of the picture or are just called 'gifted' by there parents who they live with still.
Woah, whats that graffiti? i think i should report it to the police and get it removed, maybe its by that guy...whats he called...wanksy?
by Corno June 04, 2007
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