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Someone who is red and sweating, often a ginger
Your sweating so much you look like fucking boiled bacon
by Chap87 May 04, 2015

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A Wanksy is some art created when you ejaculate over a wall, bed sheet, floor, partner or ones self.
The cum splatter creates its own pattern and is different every time, similar to looking at random patterns or clouds if you squint a bit you can make out a picture, maybe not one to show your mum but you and your partner (and others if that’s what lights your candle) can enjoy a laugh at the end of a bloody good session
Look at that wanksy on the bed sheet after I got up, looks like a butterfly

Boys you should of seen the wanksy I laid on the Mrs last night, makes a plasterers radio look clean
Lady’s you should of seen his face when I cum last night, he was fucking me so hard I couldn’t stop, I took a picture, can you see a giraffe?
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by Chap87 October 26, 2020

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To give your friends and family plenty of notice prior to your arrival or a time your due to meet them
Chap1: Alright mate, can you give me a rough PTA your arriving in town?
Chap 2: Parent Teacher Association?

Chap1: No you CLOWN!!! What time are you getting to town?
Chap2: Non responder

*few hours later, chap1 is in the shower*
Chap2: Just on the train now, I will be in town in around 45 minutes

Chap1: FFS chap I’ve just got out the shower you Clown. Thanks for giving plenty of notice
by Chap87 December 14, 2019

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