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Asian Jake Paul.

Popularised by iDubbbzTV, in his content cop on Ricegum. He refers to Ricegum as 'The Asian Jake Paul', which has been shortened to AJP. He used this acrynym in the title of his content deputy episode - 'Content Deputy - AJP' where he criticised Ricegum's response to his content cop.
'Yo dude you seen iDubbbzTV's new video?'
'No, it is a response to AJP's response video?'
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by AClockworkPear October 12, 2017
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Average Jewish Penis; a Jewish person's penis, which is typically 6 inches long and circumcised.
Girl 1: What does his dick look like?
Girl 2: It's an AJP. Nothing special.
by tacolandia September 23, 2014
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