6 definitions by Dino Susan

When you get a blow job while youre driving
Dude, Brittany tottaly gave Brandon a wheel job when he drove to Florida
by Dino Susan January 30, 2009
A guy who doesn't hook up with a girl that he has been flirting with and sitting with at a party or get together, thus wasting poon.
Brandon, are you gonna hook up with that chick already, you're being such a poon waster.
by Dino Susan April 20, 2009
The act of excreting feces out of one's anus into a jack o' lantern / normal pumpkin belonging to an innocent person.
1. That house was totally stinky jacked on halloween

2. Oh my they stincky jacked my house, it smells horrible
by Dino Susan November 1, 2009
The state of being high, blazed, baked
dude, ryan we were so blimped last night!
by Dino Susan January 1, 2009
An erection caused by the accumulation of urine either during the day or after sleeping.
Mike: Dude what the fuck is that!?!?
Ryan: Sorry its my bladder boner, i slept for like 15 hours
by Dino Susan December 26, 2009
Very pale, albino
Dude, Aviel why are you so damn wan!?!?!
by Dino Susan January 7, 2009