Instead to say "wanted to" (cozz when we speak fast dat word sounds a little difficult) we say "wanned".

Past of "wanna"
A: hey ya doin'?
B: Not bad gal...u?
A: I angry cozz I wanned buy a lbd and I couldn't
B: Fuck off with yo problem...I thought it was another thing...I'm flat broke and I'm not crying....don't fuck me again...
by I wanned do everythang August 19, 2009
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The Japanese word for the sound a dog makes.
kono inu wa wan wan ga iirutta.
that dog said "wan wan."
by Sensei Maru February 15, 2004
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The act of two extremely pale people getting in a room and blinding you with their brightness
OMG the wan-on-wan is hurting my eyes.
by orange mango March 04, 2009
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Very pale, albino
Dude, Aviel why are you so damn wan!?!?!
by Dino Susan January 07, 2009
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Comes from the Jamaican term ‘Gwan

This is a word that can be added to the end of another word to either shorten a sentence down or just to give a word more of a creative humour.

Example 1: ‘Goodwan’ could mean ‘Good one’

Example 2: ‘Chickwan’ could simply mean ‘Chicken’ or ‘Chicken for one’.

Note: ‘Wan’ has to be used correctly for it to make sense! Lol
Friend: “How did your driving test go mate?”
Me: “I had a goodwan, thanks mate”

Friend: “You has anything nice to eat today bro?”
Me: “Yeah bro I had some chickwan
by DJAMBAMAN February 14, 2019
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-I can't believe that WAN shot the last shot of the game.

-Who invited the WAN to the party?

- Yung1n is a WAN like Paul Pierce.
by Mc'LovinIVXX September 17, 2011
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Scottish slang for semen or the act of male ejaculation. Usually used in a humorous manner during arguments. It is also very commonly incorporated into other words to describe when something is great.
"shut it or I'll wan on yer face"

"That meal was wan-tastic" - so good it is worthy of ejaculation.
by boab93 August 09, 2010
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