one gorgeous human being. he is the most beautiful person ever, inside and out. he is loved by many and lusted over my many, including myself. he has major BDE (big dick energy), most probably because he has a big ass dick. i bet you his dick is like, 12 feet long, even longer than his body. he has the ideal male body. there is no god, only waluigi.
Kyle: ayoo did you see that smokin hot dude, no homo tho
Me: thats my mans waluigi. hes gonna steal yo bitch and turn you gay.

Kyle: *gets a fucking boner* no homo lmao
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by thereisnogodonlywaluigi November 12, 2018
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Some lesbian dick who was made by Camelot as a lame excuse for Wario's tennis partner.
He: Boi, Waluigi is so bad!
Her: Yeah, that shitbag shall not live!
by Anthonv February 22, 2019
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A second rate dark incarnation of the second rate character, Luigi, who is the black sheep brother of Mario. He must really suck. He wears a purple hat and shirt with black overalls. He enjoys doing the crotch chop and dancing in a retarded way and giggling like a psycho in character selection.
Mario Strikers Charged: Waluigi's crotch chop catchphrase: WA-LU-II-GI YEAH YEAH YEAH!!
by Melinabitch September 12, 2007
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The greatest Mario Bros. character ever. He is the most overpowered assist trophy in Smash and the best racer in Mario Kart. Without the pointy-chinned god in purple, nobody would even care about any of the games in the Mario Bros. franchise
Anonymous Loser: Mario is the best character in the Mario Bros. franchise because he is the title character of the greatest video game in the history of video games
Me, an intellectual: Waluigi number one, oh yeah
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by Isaac Taylor August 31, 2019
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