A self proclaimed god who was a god even before he was created. one day a spec of purple dust was in the air they it landed on a woman who already had a child named Wario, suddenly out of nowhere the spec transformed in to a baby Waluigi. little did the woman know that she was holding and molding a god. eventually he grew to full size and proclaimed himself the lord of WAH. from this day fourth noone has seen him yet someone thinks they might have seen him at a sports rally where strange Wahing noises were heard after the ports rally ended. noone knows for sure where he is but hes out there somewhere....
waluigi is our lord and savoir and now he shall bless us when we speak the magical word in which is his power source.
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by colininthehouse October 09, 2018
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A long, tall, handsome guy with black overalls, a purple shirt, and a yellow upside-down L in a white circle on his purple hat. He has a pinkish nose and pointy ears. He also has blue lines under both of his eyes. He has a long, thin, black mustache, and brown hair. Brother to Wario and childhood friend of Luigi. However, Luigi picked on him, so he became evil, pretty much like the Mario/Wario story. He appears in most multiplayer games starting from Mario Tennis 64, but also appears in Game & Watch Gallery 4. He likes Bob-Ombs and Piranha Plants, and has his own island. He and Wario are constantly trying different ways to get rich.
That guy in Mario Kart: Double Dash!! with the "Weheheh" laugh.
by Drake December 24, 2003
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Nintendo Employee 1: There’s Waluigi!

Nintendo Employee 2: No one cares for him! Let’s not add him in the new Smash game!
by NoOneOfValue June 29, 2018
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To think Waluigi can be defined in one single measly definition is idiotic. Waluigi is more than just a word, it is a symbol. Waluigi is infinite, he has no end nor beginning. Waluigi has seen the start, and end, of multiple universes; universes that he both created and ended in a matter of centuries. Waluigi is so great and mystical, that we can only view him through modern gaming consoles. Mario is not the main character of the Super Mario bros franchise, but is instead just a background character. Waluigi is the true main character. He rarely appears in Mario games however, because he must monitor many other planets than just Earth to keep them in check. Waluigi does not appear on Smash, as his power levels would be too strong, and none of his opponents stand a chance against him. Gods tremble in his wake, and mortals foolishly think he is just a video game character. Waluigi dominates all.
“Why is everyone worshipping me when they should be worshipping my maker, Waluigi?” -God
by Manthing14 June 07, 2019
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He will smash you so hard on the switch. he is so good that he cant be in baby games like super smash baby's or super toenail party. He wants to be a god. instead he is stuck being rejected. Waluigi Fucked Nintendo So hard That He Wont Be Able To Be In Super Smash Bros Anyday soon. And Thats a good thing. Waluigi Isnt A Fucking Peasant. Waluigi Wants To WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA On Adult Games Like Fuck You 69 or Tea For 2. (BOOTY)
Waluigi Is A god. the end.
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by 100% zane November 28, 2018
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wario's brother that needs more attention then luigi
Waluigi: ima sick of everyone dislikin mah bro
why dont i have any game title out there yet?
luigi needs to die
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