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When you want to masturbate but for some reason you are unable to so you just have a little play or "whip".

Your girlfriend may be next door or you may need to leave the house in the next 5 minutes.
Alright mate, have you had a wank today?

No, but I've had a couple of walnut whips.
by tomtomabdiwali September 21, 2014
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a peverse sexual act involving excretion from the anus and ejaculation from the penis
the man excretes on the womans body, usually the chest, he then ejaculates on the excretion hence resembling a walnut whip
by Dirty stiles September 17, 2003
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"Walnut whip" is when you creampie a black persons anus the stick you balls in too. For example the chocolate on the outside the cream on the inside and the nuts on top.
You take a black person and creampie their anus then stick you balls in their for a walnut whip
by KinkyAsian October 10, 2016
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