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Walleye weekend is one of Fond du Lac, Wisconsin's Biggest Attractions. Well, basically Fond du Lac's only major attraction. It takes place at the ever-so-famous Lakeside Park on the northern most side of Fond du Lac during the first weekend in June. This event brings out all the die-hard fishermen and heaviest drinkers. This is mainly because the whole event is based around fishing and well, drinking.

There is a huge fishing tournament in which fishermen are sent out onto Lake Winnebago to find the largest walleye they can(or multiples). Then at the end of the day come in and 'weigh in' to see who had the most weight in fish. This is the biggest event at Walleye Weekend and where the most people converge to get even more wasted and see who won the event. Usually there are large cash or other prizes involved all sponsered by Fond du Lac's biggest employer Mercury Marine.

For those people who do not realize this is the main existance of Walleye Weekend or are just there to get WASTED, are found running around the area of Lakeside Park either completely trashed out of their minds visiting the entertainment tents, trying to avoid the Fond du Lac police on their 'gators', or just there to hang out with their ever-so-annoying group of friends who take up the entire walking area which is already difficult to walk in considering the massive amounts of garbage that is left in the main walking strip.

There are really only four types of people who frequent this event. You have the fishermen, which are no where to be found since they're out on the lake, well fishing. Then there are the older rowdy drunkards who are over polluting the beer tents making it damn near impossible to even TRY to get the smallest portion of the best cheese curds in the world. Then there is the Young girls/boys crowds that walk around in their skanky flesh revealing clothes hoping to somehow catch someones attention-which usually comes from older drunken slurs which mean nothing anyways or the Fond du Lac Police telling them to move away from the walking area. Then there's the families who come for the young childrens entertainment with all of the wailing and screaming little ones no one is there to see.

All in All this is an event meant for drinking, fishing, food, some music/entertainment, and well more drinking. All people do is drink massive amounts of beer, walk around aimlessly, and yell loud absenities.
'Hey! You going to Walleye Weekend?'
'Duh, there's nothing else to do'

Let's go to Walleye Weekend and get fuuuuckkkkked up!

Come on hunny, we're going to Walleye Weekend to get your face painted!
by Fond du Lacccian March 03, 2009
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This is a great festival with awesome safety procedures. Would make a great insurance risk!!
Wow! I am glad we insured Walleye Weekend. We made a good profit.
by Insurance December 20, 2016
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