My old wallet went broke so I had to dump him and get a new one.
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by Tero ama June 25, 2020
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wallet is a something people say to men because women use them for money and men call women objects which is not true some women use man and it needs to stop and men rape women little girls and ETC but it needs to stop.TO ADD ON TO WHAT I SAID MEN TOO HAVE BEEN RAPED AND ITS DISTUSTING!
somemen:woman are objects.
somewomen:men are wallets.
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by HUH? YEAH IM BI December 23, 2020
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a wallet is the objectified term for men
"lmao the wallets are mad"
"the i in wallet stands for intelligent"

"go back to work, wallet."
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"Women aren't funny"
"Neither are men"
"Why am I surrounded by fucking wallets"
by PhatCoochieLips June 11, 2020
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Term used by females to describe men. It is supposed to be offensive.
Yes, stupid hoes really think that calling men 'wallets' i.e. indicating that they have a lot of money is offensive. These dishwashers bro...
by odode December 24, 2020
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Pretty much wallet is a word any tiktok user that has a pair of tits on em uses if a man tries to speak.
Even thought it means a sugar daddy (the person bring called a wallet) for a gold digger (them).
So basically if your're being called a wallet don't worry cause the girl is pretty much just calling herself a shitty person :)
Man: shut up about my dead nan please

Women with blue hair: Wallet
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by el skippie May 02, 2020
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a nice wet juicy vagina, usualy right before sex, that is throbbing for nice hard cock
Stick that long hard cock in my wallet baby!
by pussyfucker November 05, 2005
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