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Wajas is a virtual pet website of an uncommon type. The site revolves around the waja animal, a creature much like a wolf. Wajas come in different breeds, including Egyptian, corsie, earth, divine, African, fire, plushie, and normal. These different breeds have different looks, and are valuied differently.

Beginning in 2006, it was your basic bug-filled sight owned by Senz and Estuko. Even through the wind and the rain, it aquired devoted players, in part because it was a new thing, markings and mutations that varied in color and vividness depending om breeding, and the staff was (and is) so involved with the people. You could (and still can) post comments on the news post, and they would read them and send you a message back. Estuko would freely express her spazz nature, usually with the help of smileys and very random pictures. Senz would just as easily show how hard she was working. Neither danced around the point, and were straightforward when telling you there was a promblem. However, Senz and Estu also owned another sight, Astral-Draco. In the end, Estuko got wajas and Senz Astral-Draco. The new coder for wajas is Rykos, or Michael.

Wajas is known for being a fresh sight with a great amount of potential. n00bs are nearly nonexistant on this sight, and the chat boards are clean. Unlike neopets, they have many active mods, who are actually real players given moderator powers after being observed by the site's owner, Estuko. (Also known as Estu) Wajas can be acessorissed, and there are multiple currenicies to buy items, including leaf points, Crazy Waja Points, and the main currency, Waja Credits.

Wajas has something very rarely accepted. Crazy Waja Points, or CWP, can only be bought with USD. These are used to upgrade your account, buy a custom waja, or items from the Monthly Items shop. Perhaps the most major reason this is accepted and encouraged, unlike on neopets where NeoCash is hated and dispised, is that Estu is known for donating some of the money made to places like WWF and other charities. Also, a player can use Waja Credits to buy CWP from other players.

On the whole, wajas has been going through a bit of revamp, but the sight is famous for involving the players so much. All but a few unfindable players and kind, giving, and very literate. You can actually have a conversation and become friends with someone of the staff, and is definitly a thumbs-up website.

Wajas came from the term Waya, cherokee for wolf. Wajas has three different adresses, those being, and
by Chikalaka January 02, 2008
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the word for when you watch someone embarrass themselves so thoroughly that you also become embarrassed for no apparent reason.
Did you see that guy try to be funny? That was some major waja...
by windyfellow October 17, 2007
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Wajas is the perfect pet site to go to if you really want to have fun.

You can actually make friends with people on staff, and there are less n00bs. Estuko, or Apollo as she goes by now, created the site with Senz. They had another site, Astral-Draco, and Estu got Wajas while Senz got Astral-Draco.

There are two main currencies; Crazy Waja Points and Waja Credits. CWP, otherwise known as Crazy Waja Points, can be used to buy tokens, which can be used to make Generation One Wajas. The main point of the game is to get that perfect Waja.
Site players like Wajas because you can buy CWP with WC (Waja Credits), unlike sites like Neopets.

Also, the money Estu gets from the site goes to charities, unlike most sites.
1 CWP point = 5-6million WC or 1 USD.

Custom Customs:
Custom Customs are wajas that were created a long time ago. Most had, or have custom markings and look nothing like regular wajas. Since the big downtime of 2007 though all the Custom Customs lost their custom look. Only two that I know of have had special items made for them that make the Custom Customs again.

Wajas is a smart, educated site that is not a waste of time. I suggest trying it.


I said, go now.

Stop reading this and go to
Wajas Creator
Apollo - ID # 1
Senz - ID #2
by Melissa A. April 10, 2011
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Wajas are wolf-like creatures that you trade and breed on There are currently 8 breeds of wajas: normals, plushies, waters, egyptians, africans, earths, divines, and corsies. Wajas have 28 different markings and 9 different mutations - it all depends on breeding. The wajas system uses "waja credits" as it's currency. Pears are used to up stats, breed, change the age of, and add mutations or markings to wajas. On Wajas you can also spend real life currency to upgrade your account, or customize your very own waja.
ex 1: Waja means "wolf" in Native American

ex 2: My favorite waja has nearly every marking possible!

ex 3: Damn the wajas server is slooooow. T_T
by devakii #3702 January 07, 2007
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Waja ("waja" - wolf in Native American) is a wolf-like creature that can be created/sold/bought/traded on There are 12 breeds of wajas, thousands of markings combinations and items, and many many nice people. is a great place for wolf/dog/animal lovers.
Waja is a good opponent of Tygras (
1. I got this gen 2 waja for 100k today, cool, huh?

2. God, I hate OWF! She bought all my wajas.

3. Tygras can suck wajas' balls.
by sad artist January 23, 2010
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short for 'what a joka', when you don't kno how the hell else 2 descirbe sum1 / what else 2 call them
ho: 'I'l give oral 4 $5'
doe boy: 'waja'
by Mosquito Killer June 01, 2007
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